Artist Biography

Meet Fiona

Fiona is a practicing ceramic and visual artist with over 20 years’ education and experience in emergency nursing and natural therapies. Having completed a Diploma of Visual Arts in 2016 (majoring in ceramics), she now teaches from her private studio on the Sunshine Coast.

Passionate about the sharing of skills in the creative unique making process, Fiona lives and teaches from the philosophy of interest based learning, where she encourages and nurtures the creative impulse, drawing from the personal stories that exist within all of us.

Her Process

Fiona’s practice stretches across many ceramic disciplines including wheel throwing, hand building, sculpture, glaze formulation, mould making and various atmospheric firing techniques including wood firing in her recently built Anagama kiln on her Doonan property.

Notable Awards

Being awarded the Geoffrey Walker Fellowship for ceramics in 2019, by Suncoast Clayworkers, Fiona travelled to the Penland School of Craft in North Carolina USA to study with renowned figurative artist Arthur Gonzalez.

Known to break tradition and masterfully defy all logic in the ceramic making process, Gonzalez challenges not only the limitations of the materials with which he works but the deeply conditioned human social response. He has exhibited worldwide for over 30 years and is currently the Professor of Arts at California college of arts.

Fiona's Artistic Journey

The next part of this journey saw Fiona continuing on to Northern Maine to spend time with artist Tim Christiansen. Through etching onto his wheel thrown forms, he creates relics to record local flora and fauna to forever record this moment in time on his intricately carved vessels. Travelling deep within his process and around the globe, Christiansen studies his environment from an evolutionary and ecological lens, gaining and recording with great insight, historical and social perspective.

Both artists are true story tellers, generously sharing their response to their inner and outer environments. which has forever changed her practice in ceramic and conceptual art.


Artist Statement

Artist Statement

That which comes naturally to me, emulates the natural world. My work captures a stillness within me which allows creativity to flow, along with thoughts, feelings, insight and resolution.

My hands are, in essence, my voice of expression. With them, I allow myself to feel into each artwork and every aspect of aesthetic life. They are the direct connection between my own experience and the form which I create.

In the practice of ceramics, my focus is directed to the concept of internal space. My awareness of the presence of imperfection in all things is heightened, and I find comfort and beauty in this process.

Imperfections are the direct evidence of life experience, humility, re-connection and healing.

Wholeness is represented in the work. Just as the clay, rock and minerals reform their relationship, something resolves and becomes complete.

The artwork is evidence of a transformation, as each piece becomes a new version of what it always was.

Check out Fiona's techniques she uses for her ceramics!

Intermediate Ceramics & Wheel Throwing

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