Amazing Glaze!

Let’s face it, we all want to get the best results when we invest time and energy into any artwork or creative venture. The truth is with ceramics, whenever you place your vulnerable piece made from organic clay into a big oven (the kiln) and fire it up to 1200+ degrees, there is going to be a disappointment here and there. It’s just part of the process and there are just some things that cannot be predicted. There are, however, many things to take notice of during each stage of the ceramic process while you are working with clay and many other organic materials that can totally transform the likelihood of a successful outcome and great glaze is the magic ingredient!

So much time and effort goes into the making process in ceramics, and it is only natural that you are wanting the best outcome to finish your work after taking such care with the making of your piece. Why wouldn’t you like it to turn out well and something that you love and that you are truly proud of? Here at Naturemuse Ceramic Studio we make all our own glazes from scratch, and in fact many of the glazes used have been especially formulated by Fiona, so they are unique recipes that with a little instruction and shared knowledge, give great results!

Fiona is known for her experimental techniques which hero the organic materials and processes that she works with. It is her philosophy to take notice of everything during the ceramic process. What you like or don’t like, what works and what doesn’t (sometimes there is a very subtle difference), what is possible and what is not (in ceramics that’s not as straightforward as you might think). Constantly testing the boundaries in search of new aesthetically pleasing forms which engage the biomimicry of nature are Fiona’s passion, and it’s easy to see where her inspiration comes from when viewing a finished piece.

Having recently studied with Matt and Rose Katz from Ceramic Materials Workshop in the USA, Fiona has worked to stretch her knowledge and understanding behind complex glaze chemistry and empowered calculation processes. Great chemistry forms the basis of great glaze recipes, and it is a case of knowledge is truly a super power. Understanding and formulating new and exciting special effects glazes are a passion for Fiona as she pushes the boundaries of traditional ceramics into a more organic sculptural direction, uncovering aesthetically pleasing colour, texture and compositions which are in alignment with the natural world.

Fiona runs glazing courses for beginners once per term, where you will be introduced to the making, choosing, application, blending/combining and analysis of basic glaze compositions. Learn which glazes work best on which clay bodies or actual forms, and why. You will glaze and finish your work in the first session (workshops run over two sessions, 10 days apart) then meet in a group format to openly discuss outcomes and processes, troubleshooting where necessary to enhance your knowledge of the entire process.

During the Glazing 101 workshops- glazing for beginners, a great range of Naturemuse Ceramic Studio house-made glazes are supplied and application demonstrations are plentiful throughout the sessions. The highly informative follow up session after Fiona has fired your work is not to be missed and is equally informative to the glazing process itself. Conducted in a small group setting, students learn from each other as well as from the attentive tuition so that they may be empowered to finish their work with the best possible outcomes. It is the final piece in the ceramic puzzle!

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Amazing Glaze

Amazing Glaze! Let’s face it, we all want to get the best results when we invest time and energy into

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