What is it about wheel throwing?

Playing with clay is a great way to bring you into the present moment and forget all your worries, for just long enough to give you the time and space for regeneration and a little personal rejuvenation. We all have enough on our minds in the day to day grind, a little bit of carefree playful fun on the pottery wheel is always a welcome distraction.

I hear it all the time “I’ve always wanted to try wheel throwing”. Let’s face it, it’s just one of those bucket list things for many people. Why do you think that is? It’s something I’ve asked myself over and over.

Well, let me tell you, there is nothing quite like the soothing calm of the wet mud under your hands, or the feelings of freedom and creativity that just come naturally by showing up and sitting down with yourself. The relationship between your two hands, the clay that has been dug from the earth under your feet and the spinning of the wheel can be a truly holy experience (no I’m not religious, but I believe in honouring my soul).

If you have ever sat and watched a potter throw a pot on the wheel, you will know how instantly calming it is. I am forever looking up and seeing the mesmerized faces as a pot slowly comes to life. There is something truly magical that from two hands and a lump of clay, such a beautiful vessel can be born in just minutes. The awe is in the dynamic creative process as the wheel gently spins and the pot seems to rise up out of the clay below.

Whether or not you are a truly first time rookie, or if you are attempting to hone in on your skills and trying to create something quite specific like a cup or a bowl, the rewards are endless. You could be setting yourself tangible goals and therefore learning problem solving skills (not to mention patience and humility- it can be harder than it looks so don’t be hard on yourself). Or you can decide to just give yourself permission to free form and enjoy the hypnotic feeling of both the malleable clay and the rhythm of the pottery wheel as it spins methodically, enticing you to relax into all your feels.

Taking that time for yourself is always a gift. I find that wheel throwing and playing with clay are wonderful ways to be present, to check out of the rat race for a while. Forget about what you have to do or what anybody else needs from you, if only for a few hours a week. Trust me, you will never regret making that commitment with yourself.

Come join me on a Thursday night and make that investment, make that magic, hang with a friend, get dirty and feel the benefits of being truly present and in the moment.

Wheel throwing classes run in 5 week blocks during school terms on Thursday nights. Classes are suitable for beginners through to intermediate skill levels and everything is supplied. Just bring a positive attitude and a willingness to try something new. 

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Intermediate Ceramics & Wheel Throwing

Prerequisites required; Ceramic Glazing 101 & Wheel Throw workshop must be completed.

Commence anytime based on availability, however, there is a waiting list for this class. 

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